Festival ManiFesta

Festival ManiFesta is one of the actions of the Museum Program Jornada no Bosque. In this multilanguage festival, artists and professionals of distinct areas express their places, sounds, speeches and poetry guided by the theme “Nature Heals”.

The gathering between thinking and artistic voices from ManiFesta invites us to honor with lightness and wisdom our precious lifetime in connection to the nature of our different territories.

Make time for this moment. Pay attention to the reflections and allow yourself to live immersive experiences. We invite to vibrate an energy of regenerative gatherings with us.

The schedule release takes place betweeh June 19 to June 26 and remains available in Jornada no Bosque’s YouTube channel.

Why ManiFesta?

The strength and beauty of the character that illustrates Festival ManiFesta is inspired by Mani, this mysterious and transforming feminine personality, founder of the indigenous myth for the origin of cassava. Mani is the Queen of Brazil. Her body is the shape of roots with lines that stretch towards the earth. Mani’s body communicates with nature attracting fauna, flora and is deeply rooted and connected to the cycles.

Mani from ManiFesta is an adult woman, resilient, bearer of a strong and serious vision for the fate of life on Earth. Mani invites the public to delightfully experiment a shared living in a fair and caring way towards the world. 

We offer ManiFesta as a sensible form of manifesting the urgency of understanding that each human action is nature. The multilanguage of technology and voices invited support the concept of “us” as nature.

The creative immersions experienced and produced in Parque das Dunas’ nature is a connection channel to be potentialized with the public. What we are manifesting in the conversations, “under this shade drinking fresh water”, are impressions, reflections and deep understandings on our belonging to the world. ManiFesta is a summoning for us to be all Mani from this inspiration of art, culture, and nature.

What’s to come?



Clown Piruá goes to Parque das Dunas to get his daily jog and lives a transcending experience that makes him get in sync with nature.



The group Skarimbó releases the music video “Rito de Passagem” from immersions carried out at Parque das Dunas’ Ubaia Doce trail.



The public sculpture Mother Earth House receives in its body the mapped project Regeneração, created by Maurício Panella, Will Monteiro and DJ Tinoc.



Ana Claudia Albano, Oyá Iyalê, Kleber Mendonça, Maurício Panella and the potters of Sobrado gather to compose a performance under the inspiration of the strengths and times of the earth.



Eight talks with professionals from different regions in Brazil to dialog on Health, Culture and Nature.



All the attractions will be online and 100% free.