Art, Nature and Education

Jornada is an Immersive Museum Experience. With joy and pleasure, we invite the public to experience the world through their own bodies, through our artistic creations, and through educational and formative activities. Our biggest celebration is creating networks, connecting artists and collectives, occupying public and private cultural facilities. We like to be with the public and create a dynamic, creative, inclusive, and transformative environment.

Three actions are part of this axis:

Sensory Artistic Approaches to Nature Workshop Cycle

This action seeks to provide a poetic perceptive experience from the participants with nature and with the spaces where Jornada operates, we idealize and coordinate activations in the form of workshops, competitions, residences, and laboratories that invite the public to the creative exercise of belonging to the territories.

Dunas International Residence

For two weeks, Natal hosted the artistic residency “Dunas – Territories of Collaborative Creation”, bringing together creators from Burkina Faso, Spain, and Brazil at Parque das Dunas and the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. The program took place from August 14 to 26, 2023, offering interactions between artists and the public, exploring contemporary art, music, nature, and traditional knowledge through lectures, workshops, conversation circles, video exhibition, cultural presentations, and joint creation.

Art Workshop at Parque das Dunas

Since its inception, Jornada has created and coordinated interactive actions with and for the public of Parque das Dunas. In partnership with the Park team, we occupied many spaces of the woods, inviting visitors to a creative immersion with the biodiversity of the Conservation Unit.

Photography Workshop and Photo Contest

In January 2022, two free workshops were held with the theme “Photographing in Nature”. The action included the presentation of technical concepts combined with the perception of the space of Parque das Dunas.

From this, the Jornada Fotográfica Contest takes place with the objective of fostering the approximation and strengthening of bonds and affective memories with Bosque dos Namorados and with the natural heritage of the city of Natal and the State of Rio Grande do Norte, in addition to encouraging the contemporary production of photography.

Jornada no Bosque Game

Jornada also offers an art and technology experience with nature. The Jornada no Bosque game and the immersive Txai experience invite the public to connect with the park through augmented reality.