Art, Nature, and Education

The axis Art, Nature, and Education’s purpose is to bring a new view and feelings to nature through art. The axis is composed of three actions:

Cycle of Workshops Sensory Artistic Approaches to Nature

This action intends to provide a poetic perceptive experience to the participants with the nature present in Parque das Dunas, with the purpose of promoting ecologic-affective relations that bring back memories, awakening the feeling of belonging and a cosmovision that generates positive attitudes towards the environment.

Photography Workshop and Photography Competition

In January 2022, two free workshops took place with the theme “Photographing Nature”. The action had the presentation of technical concepts together with the perception of Parque das Dunas’ space.

From there, the Photographic Journey Competition was held to promote proximity and strengthening of affective bonds and memories with Bosque dos Namorados and the natural heritage of the city of Natal and the State of Rio Grande do Norte, besides encouraging contemporary photography production.

Jornada no Bosque Game

Jornada also offers an art and technology experience with nature. The game Jornada no Bosque and the Txai immersive experience invite the public to connect to the park through augmented reality.