Game Tutorial

Step 1

Build your avatar

Download the app and build your avatar. On the Game, you take the identity of a Txai, a relative to the Grove. You may define your appearance and choose a new name. At first, you are welcomed by Uru, a potoo who will be your ally during the whole adventure.

Step 2

Presenting the challenges

Learn the game’s challenges. Find out what are your missions in the game, who are your enemies and allies.

Step 3

Meeting with Uru

Recognize your ally in your adventure. Uru is a potoo who was once a girl. She will be your guide and will help you when a new challenge comes up. You can trust her.

Step 4

Adventure map

Learn about the adventure’s map. In this map, you access all the challenges and achievements. You just need to click to learn where your achievements are and at what distance.

Step 5

Cards deck

Find and collect the Crystal Cards. Each species you find during your adventure goes to a deck of cards. Through it, you track your challenges on the game’s first stage.

Earn the trust of Fulô, the guardian of the grove. While you don’t earn her trust, she removes your acquired Crystal Cards. But it is through her that you will have access to great mysteries.

Step 6

The miners

Meet your enemies: the crystal explorers. They want to steal the grove’s crystals to have the power to control time. Stay away from them. When they get close to you, you get paralyzed and they steal your points.

Step 7

Meet Ollín in Mother Earth House

Meet Ollín – The Grove’s Great Elder Spirit inside Mother Earth House. She will reveal you great secrets.