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Jornada no Bosque promotes lecture on Nature, Childhood, and Health

Jornada no Bosque in partnership with the Alana Institute and the Child and Nature project promote next Friday, May 6, at 9:30 am, in Parque das Dunas, the lecture “The role of experience with nature in the training of children and for human health”.

The event will have as speaker Maria Isabel (Bebel) Amando de Barros, forestry engineer and researcher of the Children and Nature program of the Alana Institute.

Bebel is a supporter of children’s connection with nature and in her speech should address the context of urban childhoods and their distance from contact with nature – impacts on health and development – and what is the role of protected areas in providing sensitive and direct experiences with the natural environment (benefits for children and for the conservation).

Nurse and researcher Eliseth Leão will also attend the lecture, who will address the main scientific evidence that supports nature-based interventions. It should point out reflections on the connection with nature that favor human health and well-being and the conservation of biodiversity.

The event is free and open to all interested in the theme. Registrations can be made through this link.


Bebel Barros is a Forestry Engineer and Master in Ecosystem Conservation from ESALQ/USP, she has always worked with education and nature conservation. She is a co-founder of Outward Bound Brasil, an organization focused on education through outdoor adventure, and worked in the management of conservation units at the Forest Foundation of the State of São Paulo. After the birth of her children, Raquel and Beni, she began to study the relationship between childhood and nature in the contemporary world. Since 2015, she has been a researcher in the Child and Nature program at Instituto Alana.

Eliseth Leão has a degree in Literature and Nursing. Specialist in Public Health. PhD in Sciences from the University of São Paulo. Postdoctoral fellowship from the University of Strasbourg. Researcher and professor at the Albert Einstein Israeli Institute. Leader of the e-Nature Research Group interdisciplinary studies on connection with nature, health and well-being (CNPq). Member of the Committee of Health and Nature Specialists of the Academic Consortium for Integrative Medicine and Health and of the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN).

Jornada no Bosque

The Jornada no Bosque Program was approved in this 3rd edition in the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture Djalma Maranhão, has the sponsorship of the Public Government of Natal and has the incentive of Cei School, Arena das Dunas and Sicoob. It has the sponsorship of the State Law Câmara Cascudo, Government of the State of RN, José Augusto Foundation and with the incentive of Caf́é Santa Clara. Support of Idema, Parque das Dunas and Sebrae-RN. A production of the Casadágua Institute and Studio.


Date: 06/05 Friday
Time: 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Location: Tocandira Auditorium – Parque das Dunas
Free registration: forms.gle

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