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Dunas Audiovisual Exhibition features films from the state at UFRN

This Thursday and Friday, August 24 and 25, the international residency “Dunas – Territories of Collaborative Creation” presents an Audiovisual Exhibition, highlighting local productions curated by UrbanoCine and by Catitu Institute – Aldeia em Cena. The exhibitions will be held in the Auditorium of the Ágora Institute, at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), starting at 6 pm. Access is completely free.

On the first day of the event, all films will feature audio description, ensuring the inclusion of different audiences. In addition, there will be the opportunity to participate in a chat and conversation circle with the filmmakers after the screenings.

In all, five films will be screened, three documentaries, an essay film and an animation. Among them, the Rio Grande do Norte movies “Cordel da Vila: A Rainha Louca Contra o Escandaloso”, “Te Guardo no Bolsso da Saudade”, “Codename Breno” and “A Tradicional Família Brasileira – KATU”. From Catitu Institute, the first network of indigenous women filmmakers in Brazil, the film “Quentura” will be presented.

The artistic residency “Dunas – Territories of collaborative creation” is a project presented by the Ministry of Culture through the Federal Law of Incentive to Culture sponsored by Ticket Log and Edenred Brasil. It is supported by the Government of RN, Idema, Parque das Dunas, José Augusto Foundation, Ba-kô Burkina Brasil, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), Ágora Institute, Department of Arts of UFRN (DEART), Department of Communications of UFRN, and Dean Office of Extension of UFRN (PROEX).

Dunas Audiovisual Exhibition Schedule:

24 August

“Cordel da Vila: A Rainha Louca Contra o Escandaloso” (2021)

Synopsis: Maria das Dores is the girl from Vila de Ponta Negra who will become Queen, Queen-Mother of the natives. Mary marries three times, all husbands die. Amid the great crises that affect the neighborhood: that of the land, that of the beach and that of the body. Even so, the neighborhood does not surrender. Its Queen goes crazy, but continues to inspire a culture of resistance, an experimental documentary makes the historical record in a handmade way, mixing the millenial theater of shadows with beats of rep.

Running Time: 12 Minutes
Genre: Animation
Direction: Gil Leal

“Te Guardo no Bolso da Saudade” (2021)

Synopsis: Daughter weaves memories about her mother.

Running Time: 11 minutes
Genre: Film-essay
Directed by: Rosy Nascimento

“Codinome Breno” (2018)

Synopsis: Memory has drawers that hide parts of our past, but fear and longing prevent us from accessing them. To reconstruct the mosaic of family memories, Manoel searches through the origin of his brother’s name, family objects, and the accounts of close friends for the missing pieces in this puzzle. The search for this name ends up uncovering passages of the military dictatorship in Brazil.

Running Time: 20 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Direction: Manoel Batista

August 25

“Quentura” (2018)

Synopsis: Very hot! The piracemas do not come at the right time and the pepper trees end up dying with so much heat. “It’s a very different time, which not even the spirits are able to understand.” From their gardens, houses and backyards, the indigenous women of the Amazon involve us in their vast universe of knowledge while observing the impacts of climate change on their lives.

Running Time: 36 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Direction: Mari Corrêa

“A Tradicional Família Brasileira – KATU” (2019)

Synopsis: The Guardians of the Atlantic Rainforest and their resistance to current problems in contemporary challenges such as the environment and agribusiness, evangelization in the villages, drug abuse, indigenous education and higher education

Running Time: 25 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Directed by: Rodrigo Sena