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Contest Photographic Journey announces classifieds

The Museum Program Jornada no Bosque, together with Idema, announced, on May 20, the photos classified in the “Photo Journey Contest: Nature alive in you”.

There were more than 100 registrations in the two categories provided for in the contest terms: INature and Conservation Units in Focus.

Meet the classifieds in the contest:

  • Alexsandro da Silva Régis – Title: Sunset in Ponta do Tubarão
  • Áurea Olívia da Silva Serafim – Title: The dance of trees
  • Hadassa Carolinny Soares de Oliveira – Title: I make myself sand and wind
  • Igor Egydio Lacerda da Silva – Title: Contact
  • Igor Egydio Lacerda da Silva – Title: Shipwreck Comandante Pessoa
  • Leila Tinoco da Cunha Lima Almeida – Title: The orchestrated ballet
  • Paulo Vinícius Medeiros da Silva – Title: Nature gives way
  • Pedro Vinicius Lô Cavalcante – Title: Exomorphosis
  • Valdomiro Lucas de Araújo Ferreira – Title: Dawn at Cabugi
  • Vinicius Thawaan Cerqueira Silva – Title: What does a look awaken in you?

The ranking and award order will be released on June 5. On June 4 and 5 they will be part of an exhibition at Parque das Dunas during World Environment Week.

The Jornada no Bosque Program was approved in this 3rd edition in the Municipal Law of Incentive to Culture Djalma Maranhão, has the sponsorship of the Public Government of Natal and has the incentive of Cei School, Arena das Dunas and Sicoob. It has the sponsorship of the State Law Câmara Cascudo, Government of the State of RN, José Augusto Foundation and with the incentive of Caf́é Santa Clara. Support of Idema, Parque das Dunas and Sebrae-RN. A production of the Casadágua Institute and Studio.